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Thanks for broaching this interesting topic, Bill. Below is a 1978
citation for a Paris Review interview with James M. Cain. Comic book
auteur Alan Moore ascribed the remark to Raymond Chandler during an
October 2001 interview at The A.V. Club. Could you share some more
details about what you have found?

Periodical: The Paris Review
Date: Spring-Summer 1978
Number: 73
Article: Interview: James M. Cain, The Art of Fiction No. 69
Interviewed by David Zinsser

(The topic was Double Indemnity by James M. Cain)

[Begin excerpt]
Did you ever go and see the film? What did you think of it?

I don't go. There are some foods some people just don't like. I just
don't like movies. People tell me, don't you care what they've done to
your book? I tell them, they haven't done anything to my book. It's
right there on the shelf. They paid me and that's the end of it.
[End excerpt]


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> Fan/Critic to Famous Author:  "The movie ruined your book!"
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> Famous Author:  "No it didn't, the book is fine, right there on the =
> shelf."
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> I associated this quote with Stephen King, probably from the intro to =
> one of his novels.  But a little Googling shows that Allen Ginsberg and =
> Larry Niven have said more or less the same thing, and that James M. =
> Cain may have said it first.=20
> =20
> Does anyone know the original?  Is is Cain?
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