Word: midcore - midcore game, midcore gamer (contrast with: hardcore gamer, casual gamer)

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Mid-core and middle core were used in 1999 to describe flight simulator games which weren't as realistic as hardcore flightsims:

Title: Jane's WWII Fighters
Author: Iair Arcavi
Website: FlightSim.Com
Date: 18 January 1999


[Begin excerpt]
For you hard-core sim fans, all of this might be a bit disappointing, since this sim has been rated a mid-core sim. To me, and I guess to most newcomers to flight sim as well, this is actually a good thing. The emphasis here is the fun of flying in these planes and shotting down targets, not perhaps the 100 percent realism.
[End excerpt]

In Usenet:

Title: Re: USAF: Differing Opinions
Author: Stocky2
Group: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.flight-sim
Date: 25 October 1999


[Begin excerpt]
Since I have no knowledge or any memory of flying any plane, they fit my
acceptance perfectly on flight models as they will 99% of flight simmers.
This sim was not intended to have perfect flight models- it is a middle core
sim and one phrase sums it up well-
[End excerpt]

Title: Re: USAF - my early impressions
Author: Stocky2
Group: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.flight-sim
Date: 28 October 1999


[Begin excerpt]
SURVEY SIM- learn it, live it, enjoy it as is and stop trying to make it a
realistic F4 sim.  The flight models are not accurate- it is well known now,
and is made for fun rather than strict accuracy.  The avionics are simplified
but have some submodes , the flight characteristics are mid core- the planes in
my game of USAF fly straight without any corrections of trim, etc. (hands off
stick)  I have no trouble with dead zone or excessive roll- only long pauses
sometimes and jerky play ( my equip. related)  I also lose engine sounds
sometimes with SB Live-value using lw3.software.
[End excerpt]

Title: Re: Eurofighter Typhoon
Author: EF2000 crazy
Group: rec.aviation.simulators
Date: 29 December 2000


[Begin excerpt]
The game is not going to be classed as hardcore, and is aimed at the
middle core gaming group,(as far as I know, there is not going to be a
clickable cockpit, and many of the instruments are going to be just eye
candy.) However, the game is shaping up to be a good one, and it's
featuring all the latest NATO weaponery, including the Brimstone, Penguin,
Meteor (future BVR missile) and LGBs.
[End excerpt]

And to describe a middle-level 4x4 vehicle:

Title: Re: I'm in the market for a fj60, but need some advice
Author: Patman
Website: Pirate4x4.Com
Date: 15 December 2001


[An earlier poster: "Parts are more expensive and harder to find, there is much less aftermarket support, the truck is much heavier and the dimensions ill-suited for extreme hard-core"]

[Begin excerpt]
I think it can be a decent "midcore" wheeler, but in the hard stuff, there is just too much body. I've lost both my quarters to tree's on the Rubicon, from being careless, 3 right side doors and counting from flopping, 2 left doors from rocks, etc etc etc. Most of the damage could have been avoided with some decent armor and MUCH lower gears. But I still would recommend against it. There isn't that much more room than a 4runner. Just my input. Either way, you'll be happy driving it. They are nice.
[End excerpt]

Midcore applied to people and computer game players can be found in Usenet in 2002 and 2003.


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