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As usual, for words from the 18th century I check EAI.

1800 Sep. 2, Newport Mercury. page 2.

On every occasion, at every dinner party, at every supper, and every
ball given by the minister the party asscembled ws composed of at
least two-thirds Jacobins.

[These parties, suppers, and balls were being given not at the summer
retreat of Newport but in Philadelphia.]


At 6/12/2013 11:34 AM, Hugo wrote:
>dinner-party (OED 1816 J. Austen, _Emma_)
>1768, The Unexpected Wedding: [a Tale] in a Series of Letters - Page 9
>[Begin extract]
>Before I proceed, let me examine my watch---another hour good. Lady
>Wriggleside has a dinner-party ; her ladyship never dines till six.
>Upon my word, her routes are immensely brilliant ; the whole world I
>am told are to be there this evening.
>[End extract]
>"A Guide to Irish Fiction 1650 - 1900" says of this "Epistolary
>novel with an unusually complicated plot" that's "Set in England, no
>Irish content":
> > LESLIE, --, fl. 1768. Attributed to a member of the Irish branch
> of the Leslie family. Source Falkner Grierson cat. 23/579.
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