Antedatings of "search engine optimization" and "SEO"

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These terms were added to the OED in the June 2013 update, but both can be antedated in Usenet.


search engine optimization (OED: 16 April 1998)

This is an email that was forwarded to a spam newsgroup.

26 July 1997 - - " =" / "The  Truth  About  Internet  Marketing"

[Begin extract]
SECOND METHOD - This is what we call Search Engine Optimization. 
What we mean by this is the Optimization of your web site to make the 
search engine(s) think your web site is one of the most relevant web sites 
in it's index for the relevant key word(s).    Let's elaborate: Search 
engines are trying to serve their customers as best they can. Search Engines make 
their money by selling advertising, they're not charitable or public 
service entities.   The more people that use search engines, the more money the 
search engine they can charge for their advertising.    You see, the search 
engines spam you with ads when you do a search.    Well,  the search 
engines want to do the best job for those who use their search engine, so the 
customers will keep using their search engine. 
[End extract]

[Begin extract]
For more information on our search engine Optimization service,  
Go To: 
[End extract]


SEO (OED: 14 December 1999)

18/19 February 1999 - mailing.freebsd.questions - Tasha Henderson - "Press release for FreeBSD Editor"

[Begin extract]
Bend,  OR -- February 18,  1999 (INB) -- I-Search Digest,  an e-mail 
discussion list covering search engine optimization (SEO),  
celebrates its 100th issue this week. 
[End extract]

[Begin extract]
The twice-weekly free e-mail publication covers:
-- SEO strategies and techniques 
-- Effective Web design 
-- Portal news and developments 
[End extract]



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