"splint[s]" as a disorder of humans?

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At 6/21/2013 01:46 PM, Charles C Doyle wrote:
>I'm wondering what other body parts could be afflicted with
>"splints."  Might a gymnast contract arm splints?  Can somebody who
>sits at a computer all day get butt splints?

I wondered too, but since splints (sense 5, "bony excrescence") are
associated with the "splint-bones" I didn't look beyond
"shin-splints" for, say, "butt-splints".  (As a bone disorder; there
are "arm-splints" and "butt-splints" but they are merely slats or
other devices for mending arm- and butt-fractures.)


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>Does the OED need to expand its definition of "splint, n.", sense 5,
>from Farriery to humans?  The OED does have "shin splints" as a
>compound under "shin".
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