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Thu Jun 27 05:42:11 UTC 2013

I was in Hartford for two days and came across a couple of menu items
that were derived from Italian food items.

"Cappy ham" and "Porta cap".

I have never seen these abbreviations used, which is why they stood
out--not in Boston, not in NYC, not in Philadelphia, not in Chicago. It
does, however, appear that Boar's Head (brand) capicola goes by the name
"Cappy Brand Ham". The shop was not using Boar's Head.


The first one was on the menu of a deli Downtown Hartford (just near the
beginning of Asylum Ave.). The consensus, at the moment of discovery,
was that this was "capicola" (the price of the sandwich precluded it
being "coppa").

The second one appeared on the menu of Plan B Burger Pub under "Porta


This one seems to be a fairly obvious truncation of "portabello" (or, as
occasionally spelled, "portabella").

There appeared to be a few other regionalisms, but I was preoccupied
with other issues (the reason I was in Hartford to begin with) and
failed to record them.


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