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George Bernard Shaw and Abba Eban have both been credited with a
memorable remark about missed opportunities.  Perhaps a list member
with access to the ProQuest database containing the Baltimore Sun in
1970 would be willing to help me. Details of the PDF request are

Here are three versions of the expression which was applied to a
person, country or organization (there are many other versions):

1) never missed an occasion of losing an opportunity
2) never missed a chance of missing an opportunity
3) never lose a chance of missing an opportunity

Fred's Yale Book of Quotations has two valuable citations: an
attribution to Shaw in 1963 and a quote from Eban in 1988.

I have partial information from a database match suggesting that Abba
Eban used the expression in 1970. If someone could send me the PDF of
the article and the PDF of the page containing the article that would
be very helpful.

Newspaper: The Sun (The Baltimore Sun)
Date: October 13, 1970
Article Title: Eban Warns U.N. on Mideast Move
Article Author: Peter J. Kumpa
Pages: A1 and A2
Database: ProQuest

[Begin text snippet]
Oct. 12--Israel's foreign minister, Abba Eban warned today against any
new ... "Some politicians never lose a chance of missing an opportuni-
ty but at ...
[End text snippet]

For readers who would like additional background here are the details
of the earliest instance of the saying I have located.

In 1922 the diary of Sir Algernon West was published, and it included
a comical description of Lord Rosebery (Archibald Primrose, Fifth Earl
of Rosebery). The barbed words of the portrayal were attributed to
George Bernard Shaw. The excerpt below assessing Rosedale's character
was part of a section recounting events in 1892 but the date of the
remark by Shaw was not well defined. Algernon West died in 1921.

[ref] 1922, Private Diaries of the Rt. Hon. Sir Algernon West, G.C.B.
by Sir Algernon West, Edited by Horace G. Hutchinson, Chapter III:
1892: The General Election, Quote Page 35, E.P. Dutton and Company,
New York. (Google Books full view) link [/ref]

[Begin excerpt]
Bernard Shaw, in later years, described him as a man who never missed
an occasion of losing an opportunity, and W. Johnson, afterwards Cory
the Eton master, said in a classical allusion that he wanted the palm
without the dust.
[End excerpt]

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