buttressing the kitchen sink antedating

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Hugo. "Antedatings of 'everything but the kitchen sink [or stove].'" ADS-L. October 22, 2013. http://listserv.linguistlist.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ADS-L;78604972.1310D

"Reported Missing." Film Daily 20(64). June 4, 1922: 2-3.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Mt-S77wZKfRHRMZzRBOThCd00/edit?usp=sharing (image from archive.org)

Abutting the kitchen sink, the kitchen stove:

"You who are only here 'to see' do not realize who she of the waving plumes may be—Miss Mathilda Van Sponge, if you please!  She has spent three solid hours in donning for this occasion—tea at the 'Called Off,' according to the Ladies' Home Journal and the newsboys' vocabulary—everything portable in her uptown home but the kitchen stove.  That, in the goodness of her heart, she has left behind so Mary Ann or kind-hearted, gentle mamma (ye gods! can it be true?  Think of such a thing being possible!—the mother of such a goddess!) may cook the evening meal.
"Once attired in raiment that would put old Solomon, in all his glory, in the shade, she has sallied forth into the neighborhood of the 'Called Off,' hoping some unwary youth strolling aimlessly up the avenue may be corralled and afternoon tea may follow 'under the bamboo tree.'"
"New York's Tea Room Girl." Sunday Telegraph [New York, NY]. July 17, 1904: 8 col 2.

"Two thieves—and one of them was a woman—who entered the apartments of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Richard, at No 397 West Twenty-first street yesterday, carried away nearly everything except the kitchen stove."
"Telltale Tracks of Two Thieves." Evening Telegram [New York, NY]. May 25, 1897: 2 col 6.

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