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Mon Nov 11 20:43:09 UTC 2013

Richie Incognito says his pointed hassling of Jonathan Martin "came from a
place of love."

Over one and a half million raw Googlits, at least as of this afternoon.

I've heard the phrase before.


1992 _Santa Fe Reporter_  (May 13) 15: For his part, [businessman Robert
D.] Zimmer acknowledged that "there were some mistakes made, absolutely."
However, he went on, "when someone is truly on a spiritual path, they come
from a place of love, not of attack."

According to the paper, some of Zimmerman's employees at the Inn of the
Anasazi were accusing management of 90-hour work weeks and "psychological
abuse." There was also "talk of hexes, black magic, and even an exorcism to
clear away the hotel's negative energy."

By 1995 Marshall Sylver's _Passion, Profit, & Power_ (Simon & Schuster) was
advising that in order to "create the relationships, wealth, and well-being
you desire," you need to "Operate from a Place of Love" (112).  (No, not
Heidi Fleiss's place.)

After that, the phrase seems to have taken off.

In certain circles.


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