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Thanksgivukah, not Hannugiving, because it has to sound Yiddish. The
former does, the latter does not. Same reason I don't like
Thanksganukah. Thanskgivukah makes me think of Adam Sandler and the
Hanukkah song. Thanksganukah makes me think of Gone With the Wind... or
passing wind...

As for turlatken (without chocolate marshmallow dreidel inside), I've
bought something similar from a Russian store in Brookline in the past.
They had a whole deboned chicken (Julia Child-style--I used to do that
once in a while, it's kind of fun to have a chicken with no bones),
stuffed with "crepes"--actually a Russian version ("bliny")--then
roasted. It was sold as a kind of deli meat, but was really more
appropriate as a main course protein. Kind of like we handle liverwurst,
compared to how Austrians handle it. We use it as sandwich spread, to
them it's a part of a main course. I had it properly done from a
take-out joint in Vienna and much prefer it that way (most certainly NOT


On 11/21/2013 2:08 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> At 11/21/2013 11:17 AM, paul johnson wrote:
>> Because of things like latke stuffed Turkey if only happens every what
>> 5700 years?
> I've been trying to come up with a competitor to "turducken" but have
> been unsuccessful.
> Joel

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