"disunionist", no quotations in OED [Was:"come to Limerick" 1860-1861]

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Fri Nov 22 01:22:34 UTC 2013

And a quotation for "disunionist" (in headline)
to add to the empty set in OED2.  "a. In U.S.
politics, One of those who, before or during the
civil war of 1861–65, advocated a dissolution of the Union."


>Plain Dealer, page [2] col. 2, vol. XVI, iss. 107
>Publication Date:
>May 5, 1860
>Published as:
>Plain Dealer
>Cleveland, Ohio
>Editorial Correspondence. Great Flummix of the
>Fire-Eaters!--The Disunionists Dissolve their
>Connection with the Democratic Party...
>Article Type:
>"We told them we were not Buchanan Lecompcon
>[sic, Lecompton?] men, but were determined
>Douglas Democrats, and that they must now "come to Limerick!"

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