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Strangely, of the 12 definitions on UD, 11 are from 2004 and 9 of those from April 2004.

One UD definition quotes the 1993 film Menace II Society:

a urban term used when about to accomplish something important or worthwhile. Usually used proceeding a violent act.

E.I. In the movie "Menace To Society"..
ODogg: Kane,I heard where them niggas that shot ya cousin hang at... ya down for a 187? (Murder)
Kane: "Let's do this".
ODogg: You gettin down my nigga.


Let's check subzin.com, which indexes subtitles, for some films. As always, sometimes the metadata is wrong, but most of these look plausible and I've quickly checked most of the out.


Die Hard 2 (1990):
Dick> I want you to go live now, give it a file or publicity shoot, what ever,
Connie has one. And a map, steal one from weather.

We're on it, we're on it. We're cutting in 5 minutes. Tell the other net if they
want in, they have 3 minutes to shoot. Let's do this.

Dick> Network, here I come.


House Party (1990):

• 00:40:46 Hi. Let's do this, girl.

• 00:40:53 The time is...

• 00:40:56 l'm sorry. l just finished dancing.



Batteries Not Included (1987):

Man (opening medicine bottle): Come on out, Faye. Let's do this.
Woman: Where's Muriel?
Man: It smells like cherry cordial, this stuff.

Video clip:


Broadcast News (1987):


Jane sitting next to Aaron making detailed timing notes as she
screens the material shot that day on a portable monitor unit.

        Where's where I asked him about
        being scared?
        You should work on your speech.

        No.  It makes me nervous to think
        about it.  Let's do this.

She consults her notes and goes back to the exact spot.

                (on tape)
        All this business of war -- do you
        get scared?



Popeye (1980):

• Time - Phrase
• 01:26:55 Well, if that's where they ain't,

• 01:26:56 that's where I'm going to prove that they ain't.

• 01:26:57 Oh, come on. Let's do this.

• 01:26:58 Oh, Popeye, wait a minute.

• 01:27:06 Go get 'em, Popeye!



Rio Grande (1950):

• Time - Phrase
• 01:09:56 Thank you for your kindness, doctor.

• 01:09:58 DOC: Yeah.

• 01:09:59 TYREE: Let's do this, sergeant.

• 01:10:00 DOC: If Tyree was my trooper...

• 01:10:02 I wouldn't be so eager to see him get hung.




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