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Sat Nov 30 21:54:39 UTC 2013

Anything other than straight black coffee is considered “foo foo,” said
Sandy Schoenthaler, Taher’s regional manager.

Urban Dictionary has this.  Looks like it's a fairly new term.
1. Foofoo
Adjective used to describe anything that is just a little to frilly,
fancy, or "upper crust". Things that are foofoo might also be a bit on
the delicate side, or too elegant by half, or even offensively fruity.
Spoiled little lap-dogs, $1000 designer handbags, and pink capri pants
worn by men all qualify as foofoo. Volleyball, a lightweight game - not
a "sport" - played by athletic girls and openly gay men, does not
qualify as foofoo.
"I just saw Mrs. Vanderbilt buying a Gucci sweater for her poodle. The
whole scene was so foofoo."
by Corralejo99000 May 28, 2013

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