"bucket list" before the movie?

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OED: 29 June 2006

Nothing in Usenet and Google Groups for "my bucket list" before the OED.

Nothing relevant in Usenet (via Google Groups) for "bucket list" much before the OED. (Lots of unrelated programming bucket lists.)

I think it came from the movie, by scriptwriter Justin Zackham.


Only a one-day antedating referring to the film:

Found via a non-antedating:


Oh, and via the same group, a 16 June 2006 blogpost quoting a 11 June 2006 Usenet post referring to the script:

So it seems pretty solid that Scott is, in fact, not the author of The Bucket List.


But obviously the script had already been written and there'll be early script drafts.


Slate Magazine searched Google Books and claimed a 2004:


But I think it's misdated. The book Unfair & Unbalanced: The Lunatic Magniloquence of Henry E. Panky, by Patrick M. Carlisle may have been first published in 2004, but the two full view editions in Google Books are copyright 2003-2010 and 2003-2011. The phrase also appears in the author biography at the end of the book and it's not clear when that was written.


The phrase appears on the author's biography on his own website:

But not in any of the pages I checked in the Internet Archive:


This page claims a 9 November 2005 on a AP Images caption of actors in a scene from the movie, but it must be wrong seeing as the script and actors were only announced in 2006.



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