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Watch any TV show with random, ordinary, black people on it, e.g. Maury,
Springer, Judge Greg Mathis, The Boondocks, and you can hear this _y'all_
with your own ears. It's not "used sometimes" in BE. Rather, it's an
absolute feature, like universal negation - "How come *we* didn't think to
bring no gun?" and the  well-known "Can't no cat get into no coop." Indeed,
possessive _s_ doesn't exist at all, except among us  boojies speaking
under circumstances in which we might be overheard by white people that we
need to impress with our articulateness.

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> Dear All,
> I am currently in the process of documenting that Cajuns often use the
> unmarked form of yall as possessive: "I'll leave this on the table so yall
> can sign yall names" or "How was yall weather up there?"
> My instinct tells me this is used sometimes in AAVE, but so far the only
> mention of it I have been able to find is in Wolfram's Urban AAVE article
> in Handbook of Varieties of English (Schneider and Kortmann 2004). There
> he gives the example of "It's y'all ball", but doesn't include it in the
> discussion on possessives. Can anyone point me to other mentions or
> discussions of this form, or any data where I might be able to find it?
> Transcript data would be the best, but anything including personal
> observations would be useful. The number of articles and books on AAVE
> where I have not found it is becoming very long.
> Thanks in advance.
> Clai Rice
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