AP Stylebook: "more than" versus "over" is over

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 3 20:15:33 UTC 2014

A change in the Associated Press stylebook has caused a brouhaha and a
kerfuffle. Here is an excerpt from one reaction.


The case against
By Megan Hess, More Than/Over Separatist

[Begin excerpt]
Thursday was an emotional day. It began with a gchat from a coworker
-- "whoa" -- and a link to the Poynter post relaying the news that the
AP had removed its distinction between "more than" and "over."

Is nothing sacred? I fumed. My college journalism courses were filled
with professors drilling the difference into our heads. Style
determines what makes something further or farther, an implication or
an inference. Without it, the world turns into a Lord of the
Flies-esque dystopia.
[End excerpt]


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