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> stress on "false"


Maybe the term was once the usual word, since it's probably not sheer
coincidence that my East Texas gram and your NYC gram of similar age, would
both use this as their usual word, and it was fairly recently - I've never
really stopped using "false face"; being childless, I've had no reason to
update - replaced by the specific "Hallowe'en mask." I have a vague memory
that a false face wasn't *necessarily* a Hallowe'en mask. The relevant
memory is being blocked by the clear memory of the funny-book hero, The
Face, whose false-face-looking face, IIRC, was the consequence of an injury
suffered in combat, During The War.

Correcting a pswaydo-memory that I once posted: It was not Doctor Mid-Nite,
but Mister Terrific, whose costume bore an escutcheon on the chest with the
motto, "Turn-About Is Fair Play." Too bad, since "turn-about" goes quite
well with the concept of a blind man who can see better in the dark than
the sighted can see in the light.

And, while looking for something else entirely, I was unpleasantly
surprised to come upon irrefutable documentation that strings of the type,

"... A, B, and C, the latter, _C_, ..."

can be dated to at least 1905, about eighty years earlier than I would have


All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
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