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Sun Apr 6 15:00:01 UTC 2014

I note two later-emerging "facts" that confirm my prior, and
copyrighted, (seven-percent?) solution:

1.  MA370 took a path to avoid Indonesian radar.  That presumably
included flying low, unfortunately within range of the
extraordinarily large tongue.

2.   One CNN commentator called the U.S. device the  " 'bigger toad'
pinger ".  Clearly meaning the animal more formally unknown as the
"Giant Toad of the South Indian Ocean."

("MA370" was, I must confess, not an intentional disguising but a
careless error.  From thinking, "How else would "Malaysia Airlines"
be abbreviated?")


At 4/5/2014 09:53 PM, W Brewer wrote:

>RE: JB's <<explanation for the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Air
>WB: Working title: Sherlock Holmes' <<Adventure of the Giant Toad Pinger of
>the Indian Ocean Gyre>>.
>A remake of <<Ms. in a Bottle>>, with subtle Austin Powers overtones. A PRC
>spy ship, disguised as a Chinese junk, fishes up a bottle in the garbage
>patch of the Indian Ocean Gyre. In his message, Dr Evil, having perfected
>the Incredible Projector Tongue on his new headquarters, the Toad Pinger,
>demands <<ONE MILLION DOLLARS>> in exchange for crew & passengers of MA370.
>(Subtle disguising of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is, indeed, a nice
>touch, JB.) Suggest relocation to Bermuda Triangle as more credible setting.
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