Towards/toward (UNCLASSIFIED)

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sun Apr 13 01:54:14 UTC 2014

An adjective-adverb distinction (which I don't make) also does't
apply to among/amongst.

At 4/12/2014 08:26 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
>At that point, I stopped caring, given that nobody else cared. (I wasn't
>taught that there was any prescriptive distinction - or even a stylistic
>one - between the two.)

Nowyouknow -- some do care.

>After I had moved to Los Angeles, I was astounded to discover that many
>people there considered StL to be in the South! They even asked me how it
>was that I didn't have a Southern accent.

Don't many consider Missouri to be in the south because it was a
slave state?  Of, Wilson, did you live in East St. Louis?



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