Forbes Article: Fall Of The Grammar Snobs: How Typos Became Okay

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Article: Fall Of The Grammar Snobs: How Typos Became Okay
Author: Rob Asghar
Website: Forbes

[Begin excerpt]
Fellow grammar snobs, I feel I must resign from your ranks.

Sure, we’ve had some good times—not just when we judged the masses,
but especially when we got the chance to snicker about one another’s

I do still believe that good communication is important to success.
But while you and I were bickering about Byzantine rules, we didn’t
even notice that our Byzantine Empire had vanished.

Indeed, the rules for storytelling, interaction and engagement are far
too different now for us to nitpick our way through other people’s
writing. And so typos are on the rise everywhere, yet we’re surviving.
Major news publications post articles quickly, without the benefit of
a rigorous scrubbing. This is painful to classicists. But I sense we
classicists are reactionaries, dinosaurs noisily drowning in the tar

Today people speak and respond with GIFs, with Vines, with soundtracks
and a full multimedia arsenal. This new literacy is a kind of art, a
fast-evolving form of art. Such art has few rules and considerable
latitude for improvisation.
[End excerpt]


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