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>"(of women) sexually seductive."
>Not in OED, but must be at least forty years old in my memory.

The following all from Wikipedia:

The role of "Catwoman" goes back in print to "The Cat" of Batman #1,
Spring 1940.  (It also notes a "hiatus" from 1954 through 1966 "due
to the newly developing Comics Code Authority in 1954.")   And she
appeared in the live-action television series in 1966.

Bob Kane allegedly said in 1989 "I felt that women were feline
creatures and men were more like dogs "  Batman and Me. Foestfille,
California: Eclipse Books. ISBN 978-1-56060-016-9.  Page 107.

And there's always archy and mehitabel.


>Current ex. from IMDB:
>"Quickly pigeonholed as a stripper, chorus girl or brazen, gold-digger
>type, her feline roles actually belied her off-camera personality as a shy,
>intelligent and chic lady."
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