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You've studied logic, John. Why would you think it applies here?

There's been an increasing tendency for the past thirty-plus years to
interpret "Negro" as a  mealy-mouthed or dog-whistle equivalent of
"nigger," which is allegedly what white people who say "Negro" *really*
mean, and what black people who say it are buying into.

I won't get into why, because it makes little sense.

Also, to be precise, I think Costello - an unusually articulate,
professional user of current English - may have said "mind-boggling," not

In either case, notable emphasis on "mind."


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> Costello's remark seems a bit bizarre to me.  Bundy is not a racist
> because he used an old-fashioned (but not inherently invidious) term to
> refer to people of sub-Saharan African descent.  He is a racist because he
> thinks they should be picking cotton rather than, as he puts it, on
> "government subsidy" (although he demands a much larger government subsidy
> for himself).
> John Baker
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> Yahoo! News doesn't capitalize the word in its headline:
> "Jon Stewart takes a victory lap around Cliven Bundy's 'negro studies'
> debacle<
> >
> "
> On CNN, child-free Carol Costello notes that Bundy's "use of the word
> 'Negro'"  was by itself "mind-blowing" and "reprehensible."
> (Bundy said today he thought that people of all colors should be able to
> sit anywhere on the bus they wanted.)
> JL
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