Vivid slang: jackhole and stone

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Apr 26 00:21:24 UTC 2014

Nothing particularly new, just caught my eye.

A woman writes about an "ex" who dumped her about eight months ago
but continues to contact her, apologizes and asks for forgiveness,
but then talks about his new girlfriend and how great his life is now:

"Or maybe he's just a jackhole that you haven't had the stones to
completely cut out of your life yet ..."

Boston Globe, 2014 April 25, G39/4, in "Love Letters".

I assume "jackhole", not now in the OED but perhaps coined in or
earlier than 2003 (Urban Dictionary), will get there some time.

I don't know how common "stones" applied to a female is.  (I assume
the figurative use is already in the OED, but I didn't find it quickly.)


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