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Do you (the news) mean that a foodie is someone who simply eats a lot rather than someone who seeks out good food? If so, then Janice certainly knows what's up when it comes to the downward trend of the meaning of "foodie." BB

On Apr 25, 2014, at 5:33 PM, Joel S. Berson <Berson at ATT.NET> wrote:

> Probably apropos (derived from today's TV news):
> Are people who are taking statins "foodies" because they tend not to
> worry about their cholesterol levels and become obese by
> overindulging in calories and fat and slothfulness?
> Joel
> At 4/25/2014 08:17 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>> McDonald's has a campaign that may completely gut the meaning of
>> "foodie." I've seen at least two of their billboard ads claiming
>> "foodies welcome."
>> My first reaction was to laugh out loud (literally, in the sense of
>> literally), but afterward I wondered what it might mean.
>> Perhaps it's an attempt to upgrade the image of their food by
>> implying that if you eat at the Golden Arches you might be an
>> epicurean. Just as holding a paper Starbuck's cup carries the cachet
>> for knowing what's in when it comes to coffee, eating at Mickey D's
>> might now imply that you know what's up when it comes to food.
>> Searching for the image, I see Janice has beat me to the punch in
>> her article "Requiem for a Foodie" at
>> The article has a photo
>> of Mcdonald's's debasing image, though Janice claims this campaign
>> was simply the final nail in the coffin that was already prepared
>> for the culinary cadaver.

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