"harsh", verb, "to speak unkindly"?; not in OED

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Fri Aug 1 19:02:35 UTC 2014

"harsh", verb, "to speak unkindly"?; not in OED.

Urban Dictionary has "8. To act or speak in a rough or an insensitive 
manner."  And "9. to be rude or cruel to somebody."  Although the 
examples of each are of the adjective.

"How come you guys are harshing me for liking 'Star Trek: The Next 
Generation?"  "It's a _guilty pleasure!_ Everybody has one!"

Lincoln Peirce, "Big Nate", 2014 Aug.1.

Being slangy, exact meanings in quotations are elusive. From GBooks, 
searching for "harshed" and "harshing", "Preview available, finds 
some that seem similar, from the early 1990s on.  If anything is said 
in the ADS-L archives, I didn't find it.


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