Way OT: "Mademoiselle from Armentieres"

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Sat Aug 2 18:37:18 UTC 2014

I don't remember any verses, although I associate it with humor and 
satire.  But inky dinky parlez-vous?


At 8/2/2014 09:01 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

>Am finishing a pedantic study of this once-famous WW1 song, which I
>mentioned here many years ago.
>I was surprised recently when a somewhat younger colleague admitted to
>having heard the name at one point but knew nothing whatever beyond that.
>OK, silly question: does the song or the name have any particular
>associations for members of this distinguished forum? (Beyond the fact that
>the Mlle. hadn't been kissed in 40 years.)
>The popular image is/was that, being French, she was some kind of sex
>kitten.  Yet the only verse most people know suggests the opposite.
>I'm interested in the Mademoiselle as Rohrschach test. The song was a big
>deal 100 years ago and was frequently commented on in the postwar press.
>Has it any resonance left?  Does anyone here know more than the best-known
>stanza? (There once were many.)
>If the subject is too far afield for the list, email me.
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