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At 8/6/2014 07:12 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>Or at least as old as the London Underground.

Wikipedia claims the age-old maxim is younger than thee and me.  "It 
was first introduced in 1969 on the London Underground in the United Kingdom."


>ABC World News tonight carried the story of the Australian commuter 
>who got his foot caught between the platform and the subway car as 
>he was entering.  Through the efforts of dozens on the platform, 
>men, women, and children, joining to push the car sufficiently away 
>from the platform, he was freed.  Uninjured, he boarded the next 
>train to arrive.  Heart-warming.  but ...
>The ABC narrator ended with the advice to "remember the age-old 
>maxim, 'watch the gap'."
>Well ...
>A little later, the CBS Evening News got it right.  In a briefer 
>report, the caption under the video was "Mind the gap".  Anyone who 
>has heard this intoned by a male voice of doom can hardly forget.
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