The age-old maxim

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Aug 6 23:12:25 UTC 2014

Or at least as old as the London Underground.

ABC World News tonight carried the story of the Australian commuter 
who got his foot caught between the platform and the subway car as he 
was entering.  Through the efforts of dozens on the platform, men, 
women, and children, joining to push the car sufficiently away from 
the platform, he was freed.  Uninjured, he boarded the next train to 
arrive.  Heart-warming.  but ...

The ABC narrator ended with the advice to "remember the age-old 
maxim, 'watch the gap'."

Well ...

A little later, the CBS Evening News got it right.  In a briefer 
report, the caption under the video was "Mind the gap".  Anyone who 
has heard this intoned by a male voice of doom can hardly forget.


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