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Jerry: Sharing some other entries sounds like a great idea.

Clarification: Creating a comprehensive reference work about slang
entails an enormous amount of effort. My conjectural comments about
one intriguing and vivid entry were made in the spirit of exploration.
I hope that the conversational thread will not be misconstrued as
detractive.  Garson

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> I've kept Tom Dalzell posted on the ads-l messages concerning the supposed =
> chemical agent "Howdy-Doody", included in his latest book, _Vietnam War Sla=
> ng_. Tom replied with two messages, which I now (with his permission) share=
>  below with ads-l.
> "Howdy-Doody" is clearly an outlier for Tom.  Might I now invite him to sha=
> re with ads-l a few items that he finds very interesting and also better ty=
> pify the material he came across in his research.
> Gerald Cohen
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> This is the only cite I have for it. It was marginal for that reason and fo=
> r the reason that the identity of the chemical agent is not revealed. I'm s=
> urprised that it got as much attention as it did. I have feelers out a coup=
> le places to see if I can find out anything more about it. Thanks, Tom
> From: Dalzell, Tom [tmd9 at]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 10:57 AM
> To: Cohen, Gerald Leonard
> Subject: Re: Book on Vietnam War Slang
> Thanks. I have been seeing them. I stand by my description of the term as m=
> arginal. I continue to be surprised by the attention being paid to it. Than=
> ks, Tom
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