body = 'a human being as capable of feeling physical pain'

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"Shakespeare" means many things besides "wanker." That's why his works are
acclaimed. (Or, as seems likely, works written by someone else of the same

Other than "wanker" (which may be primal in a Freudian, Lacanian, and
Marxist, and pornocritical context), the name "Shakespeare" signifies

1. warrior
2. flasher
3. orchard thief (cf. the incident in the youth of Augustine of Hippo,
whose name means "teenager born in August of a hippopotamus")
4. peer of guy named "Shay," eME {Shae}, {Shea} cf. recent English "Shea
Stadium," also popular. (The intrusive voiceless velar stop is consistent
with a tmetic clearing of the throat to mask preconscious embarrassment at
comparing oneself to Shay

All of these significations, as well as others, remain constantly in play,
compelling us to defer final judgment forever and watch cartoons.

JL (whose name means "Bringer of Light to the Head in the Naval Sense,
Which Subconsciously Also Implies Cranium")

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> And Shakespeare is Michael J Fox on Viagra.
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