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> While "Charlie" is indeed principally from "Victor Charlie," many people
> seem to have associated it with the great Chinese detective Charlie Chan.

That's news to me. But, the restriction of "Charlie Chan," "Chop-Chop" -
the token minority comic-relief member of The-otherwise-all-white
Blackhawks, some may recall, though, to tell it like it was, even the
*white* ethnics that made up the other Blackhawks were clownish dorks
compared to their red-blooded, all-Americanly-heroic leader, Blackhawk
himself; but poor Chop-Chop was both physically unprepossessing and not
allowed to wear the Blackhawk uniform, not that he could possibly have
fitted into such sleek, body-hugging, clothing. "Hawk-a-a-a!" -
"Ching-Chong," "Chink," etc. to ethnic Chinese and to blacks who are felt
to have a certain Asian cast to their features may have been peculiar to
the coloreds.


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