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I have the feeling that "south" is standardly used in umliterature to refer to the direction in which nether regions are located.  Perhaps the belt can be seen as functioning as the Equator.


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> In "Physical Chemistry" ( in Discovery, Karen Wright and James Smolka write, "Preti tells you the bottle contains a synthetic version of that sweetelixir [sic] brewed in nature just south of the shoulder and north of theribs [sic]."
> The thebluemuse, phd writes, "Most nights when we snuggle up to sleep, I find my way into The Nook, that great place just north of the armpit and south of the shoulder, perfectly sized for Shawna-shaped heads" (
> This use is also found in anatomy: "The pulse generator is embedded under skin south of the shoulder - either left or right side of the upper chest," Dr. Bennett Werner (
> I assume these all are using "south" to mean in a downward direction as seen on a Northern Hemispherite's map.
> At about 2:58 in the video "Where too [sic] shoot a deer?" (, BowArrowHuntingsean uses the word south to mean behind with reference to a deer. This seems like a logical extension from the human body.
> There is also a use for bullet cases: "The annealed part is softer than the bottom part. When you overcrimp, the case body collapses just behind the shoulder. When that happens, the case body expands about half an inch south of the shoulder," J-cat (
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