wealthsplained - example of suffix: -splain e.g. mansplain

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The suffix -splain has been discussed by Ben. Here is an instance from
yesterday of wealthsplain.

Title: Billionaire Wilbur Ross Declares 'The 1 Percent Is Being Picked On'
Website: The Huffington Post
Author: Mark Gongloff
Date: 02/11/2014


[Begin excerpt]
"Education is the way that people get out of the ghetto and into, if
not the 1 percent, something close to it," Ross wealthsplained in an
interview with Bloomberg TV, which is fast becoming the house organ
for aggrieved rich guys (and not just the rich guy whose name is in
the title).
[End excerpt]

Ben Zimmer discussed the suffix -splain in the following article:

The Year in Words, 2013 Edition
December 30, 2013

Wordspy has an entry for mansplaining with a first cite in 2009

[Begin excerpt]

pp. Explaining in a patronizing way, particularly when done by a man
who combines arrogance with ignorance of the topic. [Man +
--mansplain v.
--mansplainer n.
--mansplanation n.
[End excerpt]

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