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> On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 12:11 AM, Benjamin Barrett <gogaku at>wrote:
>> I suspect "reverse" means that "be bought on" means the same as "be sold
>> on."
> That was clear from the context. The wirer was describing his positive
> reaction to the Peterson System, after he'd tried it out.

I wasn't sure what you mean by "reverse," and I was making a stab at it.

> I suspect that "this is not BrE usage" means "this is not only BrE usage."
> If it's "generally" found in AmE, how does your cite evidence it?

It doesn't sound very odd to me, so I suspect it's not just BrE.

How my citation evidences it, I think is evident: '"I'm now fascinated about a number of of your other products. I never heard of Breville, but I'm bought on this manufacturere."'

However, as I said, just because the website is in LA does not mean the writer isn't from Britain. 

This is an interesting catch as usual.

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