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What did Monk call it, when Natalie's car key was kept away from her
by the parking lot attendants?  And what did he call it in his
childhood, the 1960s?  Monk tells her he had been tormented as a
child, but had become expert at recapture through misdirection.  Monk
was born in Marin County, so that puts salugi in at least one place
outside New York City.  (The episode is "Mr. Monk and the Election.")


At 5/2/2014 03:03 PM, David Barnhart wrote:
>Not found in NYT (see DARE) in Gale (ProQuest).
>Nor, in Hubbell (_The Pronunciation  of English in New York City_, c. 1950)
>Nor, in Wentworth & Flexner
>Nor, in DA
>Nor, in eOED
>Nor, in WU3 addendum (1983)
>Nor, in Chapman
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