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Lisa Galvin lisagal23 at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 8 14:14:10 UTC 2014

I came across this today while transcribing an interview with a parent, when asked where their child attended elementary school:  "We have choiced into (name of school)." 
I knew we had what are known as "choice schools" (the exact definition still eludes me but I think they are schools  in the public school system here in the US that have specific programs or offerings), but I wasn't clear from the context of the interview if this term referred to the act of getting your child to attend an official "choice school", or if this is now a general term (among parents and educators?) for getting your child into any public school you wish them to attend. 
Has anyone heard or read this? So far Google isn't revealing much. I came across a few online discussion threads that contained the usage, but that's about it.
Lisa Galvin
Shoreline, WA USA

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