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But _choicer_ is rather well established, being an entry in _The Barnhart

choicer, _n_. {W}  a person who supports the right of a woman to choose
abortion to end a pregnancy.  Compare _pro-choice_ (DC 1.3) and LIFER.
_Nonstandard_ (used in slang contexts dealing especially with social issues;

But that subject is most intensely divisive among women themselves.  The
rubric regularly cited by the choicers is "reproductive rights."  Those who
use this formulation ignore, or repudiate, the proposition that the fetus is
other than disposable matter.  The lifers take the contrary position, and
although men involved in the two movements are themselves fervent,
indications are that more women than men make a single issue of the abortion
question.  William F. Buckley, "What has caused the gender gap at the
polls?" _Las Vegas Review-Journal_ (Nexis), Nov. 5, 1996, p 11B

1988.  Shortening (clipping): form from _(pro)choicer_ (12W: n.d.)
[ultimately from _prochoice_ (DC 1.3: 1978; MW10: 1975) + _-er_ (OED,
suffix2) meaning "someone associated with . . . ," as in _officer_ (OED:
c1325) and OMER].  [Vol. 10.2; Winter 1998]

Or, perhaps the school context is an independent invention.

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