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Sun May 11 14:20:47 UTC 2014

On May 11, 2014, at 8:32 AM, Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> UrbanDictionary gives two examples (2005, 2006) and a couple of odd clones
> like “awesome sauce banana peel!"

Good gravy!  I would have thought “awesome sauce” ten or fifteen years older than that, but the oldest sauciers I can find posting on usenet aren’t quite that far back:

> mental note: send copy of teen boat to sarah. (um. with her late presents :p)
> you guys are awesomesauce.
carmelita cortez. “Re: Shadowy men in a taco bell ad!” September 22, 2001 4:12:54 PM UTC-4!original/

> on 3/23/03 7:23 PM, Tay-vee (tavie at aol.complaintbx) posted as such:
> > I got an email tip about this and the abc website
> > (href=" confirms,
> > Dave and Scott will be on Jimmy Kimmel live tomorrow night.
> >
> > Someone tape this, I can't.
> that is truly awesome sauce.   i just wish they were the guest cohosts.  oh
> my god, how awesome would that be…..
sarah. “Re: Dave and Scott on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday” March 23, 2003 11:35:12 PM!original/

> don't forget about spokane in that 7pm game.
> awesome sauce.
n. papajorgio. “Re: Phoenix Tune Up Games…" June 14, 2003 3:20:46 PM UTC-4.!original/

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