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I found lots of earlier "Frankfort sausages" (1863), "sausage of Frankfort"
(1869), "Frankfurt sausages" (1871) and "Frankfurter sausages" (1873) in
Australia. Here's the first of each.


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW, Australia), Tuesday 4 August 1863, page 6:

PURE PORK Sausages, 1s. per lb ; to be had at
H. CUMMINS', 192, Pitt-st. Frankfort sausages.


Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Chronicle (NSW, Australia), Saturday 28
August 1869, page 3:

I was strolling along "Our Street" of George one
day last week when I suddenly recollected to have heard
of one Maywald who manufactures tho wonderful
sausage of Frankfort ; and so, straightway to the shop
of Maywald I did repair. There I found the sausage of
Frankfort, a wonderful production of the sausage
maker's art, besides other manufactures of a like nature ;
and I can strongly recommend the lovers of a " good
thing" in tho supper line to never be without some of
Maywald's " curious compounds."


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW, Australia), Thursday 6 April 1871, page 1:

Salad. Café de Paris, King-st., Wangenheim, agent.


Bendigo Advertiser (Vic., Australia), Saturday 16 August 1873, page 3:

WANTED KNOWN, Fresh Frankfurter Sau-
sages can be procured at Heine and
Rossow's Wine Depot, View Place. 6S3

(WANTED KNOWN, alongside WANTED BUYERS, pushing somewhat the bounds of
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