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Congratulations to Hugo on his characteristically great work on "frankfurter" variants.  Hugo, here and in other postings, has also done a great service by pointing out the riches of the Australian Trove database.

Note that I posted an earlier citation for non-attributive "frankfurter" here in 2003:

1885 _New York's Great Industries_ 264  Albert Peiser, Curator of Choice
Beef, No. 1361 Third Avenue. -- A house exclusively devoted to the curing
of the best and choicest cuts of beef, etc., is that of Mr. Albert Peiser,
who established this enterprise in 1880.  He deals extensively in smoked
and pickled tongues, briskets, Frankfurters, Viennas, bolognas, boulard
and cervelat.

Also, Barry Popik, who has of course done heroic work on food terms, posted an 1861 citation for "frankfort sausage" some years ago on

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The OED entry has a parenthetical first use of "Frankfort sausages" from
1877. The main quotations are all frankfurter without "sausages". The first
non-sausage frankfurter is from 1894.

Here's a Mancunian "Frankfurter Wurst" (1868), and some Australian
variations without the "sausage":
 * "Yankee Frankfurters" (1888)
 * "frankfurter sandwich" (1890)
 * "frankfurters" (1892)
 * "Frankforts" (1893)
 * "frankfurter" (1893)

Interestingly, that whilst the "Frankforts" is from an Australian advert,
all the other sausageless terms (all the "frankfurter" spellings) are from
American sources; four from New York, one from San Francisco but quoting a
New York paper.


Other 1 -- No Title
The Manchester Guardian (1828-1900); Dec 31, 1868;
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Guardian (1821-2003) and The Observer
pg. 2

The Celebrated VIENNA and BAVARIAN BEER, in Quart Bottles,
at 10s. 6d.; Pints, 5s. 6d. per dozen.
Carriage paid to any railway station.
Vienna, Bavarian, Erlanger, and other Beers on draught. The cele-
brated Sauerkraut and Frankfurter Wurst always ready.
J. COMANN, Proprietor.


"Yankee Frankfurters" (1888)

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), Saturday 7 January 1888, page 2:

I knew when Herr Seidel left us that,
once having had a taste of our American
Bock beer and Yankee Frankfurters—not
to mention Weiner, Schnetzel, and double
distilled saur kraut—that Bismarck and
Von Moltke could never hold him in

The letter was republished in other papers as "BROADBRIM'S NEW YORK LETTER".


Evening News (Sydney, NSW), Monday 2 June 1890, page 2:

Dinny had begun to
think of her, but he knew that during the
Summer season he could not court her,
except at considerable expense, for she was
fond of association picnics and excursions
to the sea, where she would not be content
to lunch on a frankfurter sandwich, but
would desire at least a plate of clam
chowder ;


An excerpt of "Me Scrap Book", a satirical and fictional autobiography by
'John L. Sluggervan'. The article is originally by the S.F. Chronicle, and
quotes the New York Herald at the start.

Referee (Sydney, NSW), Wednesday 30 November 1892, page 6:

' I sailed on October de fourt fur England,
after a grand farewell supper wid me friends,
durin' which we had beer, wine, frankfurters,
whisky, fried pertaters, rum, pigs' feet, gin,
corned boef an' cabbage, rock an' rye, pickled
fish an' Tom an' Jerry— all de luxuries of de

Googling "Me Scrap Book" "John L Sluggervan" turns up two links to page 17
of the San Francisco Chronicle of 2 October 1892.
Both paywalled for the image, but the former has the OCRed text.


Reporter (Box Hill, Vic.), Friday 28 April 1893, page 3:

Best Ballarat and Melbourne Bacon. English
and Colonial Hams, Chops, Strasburg
Sausages, Frankforts, &c. Fresh Butter
and Eggs daily.


Evening News (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 16 December 1893, page 2:

The applause as the Dago balanced him-
self on the coping would have been more
general had not the majority of the listeners
held a frankfurter and a glass.



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