"gran fondo" (1998)

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"Gran fondo" (n. a long-distance road cycling event) has been added to
Oxford Dictionaries in the latest quarterly update:

Here's two 1998 datings.


From: Emilio Castelli <emi... at metro.net>
Subject: Re: Schedule of Giro d'Italia?
Date: 1998/01/08
Newsgroups: rec.bicycles.racing

While you are in
Italy, you might want to check out the "Granfondo Barilla" which is a
ride (not a race but almost) organized by the Barilla (Pasta) company;
it takes place on June 14th in Parma and you will see a few thousand
"cicloturisti" in action. It is fun, the food is VERY GOOD (Pasta,
prosciutto, vino etc.at the rest stops) and it is as competitive (or non
competitive) as you want to make it.



From: in... at vintagevelos.com (vintagevelos)
Subject: FS:** limited edition DE ROSA-Gran Fondo JERSEYS **
Date: 1998/03/23
Newsgroups: rec.bicycles.marketplace

A very hot looking jersey from the Gran Fondo race/tour in Italy. De Rosa
was a sponsor and participants got a jersey who competed in this mountain
ride. Wasn't sold to public in or out of Italy. Sure to impress and very
limited. Color is dark blue with fancy graphics on it.
Only $39 plus shipping for such flavor!! Show off a little!
Sizes are European 3,4, and 5.



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