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I'll try this again.

>From about "reductions" in US English.
Notice the letter "j" starts out describing the US "j" sound then (oops) be comes IPA /j/ for the "y" sound which should be letter "y" Note that the phonetics provided is very inadequate.   Truespel phonetics is provided with  the tilde (~) to clarify. 
Are you ...?  arya        ~aaryuCan you ...?  kinya        ~kinyuCould you ...? kudja        ~koojuWould you ...?  wudja   ~woojuDid you ...?  didja         ~dijuDo you ...?  doja         ~dueyu Don't you ...?  doncha     ~doentchuWill you ...?  wilja          ~wilyu
Do you want to ...?  doyawanna       ~dueyuwwaanuAre you going to ...?  aryagonna       ~aaryuggunuDo you have to ...?  dijahafta      ~dijuhhaftu

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