an antedating "how to"?

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Fwiw, if students take only one linguistics class, the topic of greatest general interest is probably word origins, aka etymology.
If Ms. Young would contact me offline, I could pass along some suggestions.

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I really appreciate all these ideas!

It's true that most of my students won't become enthusiastic antedaters . .
. I teach upper-division undergrads and first-year MA students, primarily
English majors who will take only one linguistics class ever (because they
have to).

But I'll bet a couple of student would take to it, if I can inspire them to
the spirit of exploration and give them enough of a map to start with. Plus
I'll be teaching a f2f honors class next year that would enjoy a class
project like Stephen suggested.

I am encouraged to try again. :)  Thanks--


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> I think this is a lovely discussion. But you are putting Beth Young's
> students up against The Big Guns. They're gonna lose, guys. Offline, I
> described to Beth my attempts to fire up my students with the fun of word
> chasing, which didn't pan out either, but I had somewhat different goals.
> It was to ask students to investigate English borrowings into their
> (non-English) mother tongue. In a U.S. context, Beth's students could
> pursue English borrowings into another language, preferably one in their
> own ethnic background. (N.b., not foreign loans into English.) Maybe
> working in the roots angle could get better results. Then, if any students
> survived this test, recruit them for the OED updating game. I am not
> optimistic.
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