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Website: The Independent
Date: May 27 2014
Title: Brandalism: Street artists hijack billboards for 'subvertising campaign'

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An article about an artist who sneaks around London plastering verses
of poetry over advertising billboards published in The Independent
earlier this year elicited huge interest, gaining more than 2.5K
‘Likes’ on Facebook and starting a social networking frenzy.
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Website: Brandalism UK

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40 street artists. 10 cities. 365 ad takeovers. 2 days.

Brandalism returns with the largest advertising takeover in world
history. Over 2 days teams of guerilla artists emerged from the
shadows to takeover 365 corporate advertising spaces in 10 UK cities.
The project saw hand-made artworks from 40 international artists
installed in public spaces across the UK.
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Website: Brandalism UK

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Why Brandalise?

A penny for your thoughts? Well how about 1610000000000 pence (or,
£16.1 billion)? That's how much the UK's advertising industry pays
each year for our thoughts.
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The 2001 definition of brandalism in Wordspy has a 1999 citation. But
I think a new sense has emerged.

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( n. The defacement of public buildings and spaces by
corporate ads, logos, and other forms of branding (brand + vandalism).
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The 2007 definition in Urban Dictionary specifies a sense that is
similar to the one given in Wordspy.

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The creeping corporatisation of schools, libraries and other public
buildings, which are gradually being daubed with company logos and
slogans. Coined by graffiti artist Banksy, and expounded on in his
book "Wall and Piece"

"Have you been in a Yahoo! taxi yet? Brandalism at its finest", "Our
high school has been Brandalized by Pepsi"

by A.Leonard February 21, 2007
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