TV ad: "... a real dude ranch"

Wed May 28 15:32:46 UTC 2014

Is "waddy" really commonly used?  I know it only because the cartoon character Scrooge McDuck (Donald Duck's uncle) says in Scrooge McDuck #386 (1952):  "And this dollar--1882! I got that in Montana where I punched cows while I looked for a homestead. The other waddies laughed at me when I filed on a claim that was all mountains and rocks. But I'd poked around and knew that under that scrubby grass was one-third of the world's copper!"  Carl Barks, the writer and artist, was born in Oregon in 1901, and I suppose that "waddy" must have had some currency there.

I thought that "wrangler" was the standard term for what is usually called a cowboy.

John Baker

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The inner-sanctum term, equivalent to "freak" among hippies and "cat" among
jazzmen is, or at least used to be, "waddy."


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> Today, I found a line claiming "cowboy" should be used only as a verb
> among (whatever cowboys are supposed to be called).
> Bryce Andrews (
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> His co-workers there teach him how to worm a horse and ride through the
> cattle to “settle” them, and never to use the word “cowboy,” except as a
> verb.
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> Benjamin Barrett
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> >> I thought a dude ranch was a place where cowboys did cowboy things.
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> >
> > Sigh! Well, those of us to whose eye the phrase, "Ken Maynard and Tarzan,
> > The Wonder Horse!", brings a tear of nostalgia for childhood past recall
> > the "dude ranch" as a vacation resort set up to resemble a "working
> ranch"
> > for the entertainment of "dudes" - i.e. swells, lames, squares - from the
> > effete east wanting all of the fun, but none of the work, of the cowboy
> > life on the western plains.
> >
> > In other words, cowboys did do cowboy things on a dude ranch, but only to
> > put on a show as entertainment for vacationing dudes. Cf. the
> > "professionals" working at ski resorts, for instance.
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