frig = 'to cheat'

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From: Jonathan Lighter
Not in OED. So see HDAS; cf. syn. use of "fuck."

It is included in _Green's Dictionary of Slang_ [FRIG v. sense 5], but the
citations given there are a subset of the examples Jon gives in HDAS -- i.e.
none not in HDAS, and not all the HDAS examples included.

Robin Hamilton


ca1840 _The Flash Minstrel!_ (London) [rpt. in Patrick Spedding, Paul Watt,
& Ed Cray, eds. _Bawdy Songbooks of the Romantic Period_ (London: Chatto,
2011) I 99:  D--n it, marm, you've frigg'd me out of my five bob!/ Tol de
rol &c.

And yes, there is a pun involved.

In the milieu of sub rosa, early Victorian bawdry, "damn" was too naughty
to print.


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