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I don't object too much to the phrasing (only to any corporate 
influence on public policy).  In a democracy there are various 
interest groups, each with its own ideas of what would be good 
policy.  (In the 18th century they were called "parties", and 
deprecated as undesirable in a republic -- but those were the days 
when the "common good" was the desideratum.)  So some influence from 
each of the interests is acceptable.


At 10/8/2014 08:46 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:

>"Is too much corporate influence on public policy a bad thing?"
>Does that question make sense? If corporate influence on public policy is a
>*good* thing, then how can there be too much corporate influence? If, OTOH,
>corporate influence on public policy is a *bad* thing, then why isn't any
>corporate influence at all a bad thing?
>Am I just plain stupid?
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