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Fri Oct 10 16:54:15 UTC 2014

Why Some Drone Makers Hate the Word ‘Drone’ and Want to Change It


“Maybe we call it the ‘crone’ for commercial drone?” said John Mulcahy, a
patent attorney with clients in the commercial-drone industry.

The alternatives are an alphabet soup. There is “UAV” (unmanned aerial
vehicle), “RPA” (remotely piloted aircraft), and “UAS” (unmanned aircraft
system). Some prefer the more digestible “unmanned aircraft,” or just
“robot,” while European Union officials opt for the bulkier “RPAS,” or
remotely piloted aircraft systems.

“We need another name for it, but I’m not sure what that new name should
be,” said Zack Porter, a venture-capital executive considering investments
in commercial drones.



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