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Sat Oct 11 03:55:08 UTC 2014

Just got around to watching this.  We have this exchange toward the end of the interview about Renner's new movie, "Kill the Messenger", about the rise and fall of San Jose investigative journalist Gary Webb, who exposed a link between the CIA, funding of the Nicaraguan Contras, and the crack epidemic in L.A. before being (unfairly) discredited. 

Jon Stewart: "So ultimately is there any residual effect from this story, or is it one of those that…we just continue to repeat that same error?"
Jeremy Renner: "What is the residual effect? The downstream of it is…communities, y'know, all over America. The take-away for me is… [etc.]"

OK, Renner's a bit incoherent here, but it seems as though he's basically saying "the downstream effect of it" with a bit of ellipsis.  I'm not sure he'd have used "the downstream" tout court in a different context.  Not that I know fer sher.


On Oct 10, 2014, at 7:56 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> Did anyone else notice his use of
> "the _downstream_ of it"
> in which "downstream" means "result, consequence, outcome," etc.?
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