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W Brewer wrote:
> <Following his death on July 16, 1975, Captain Munson and
> Anna's remains were **interned** in the Pacific Ocean west
> of Kauai on February 6th, 2002>

The eggcorn website has a similar submitted example together with an
instance of "inturned". But apparently it was not added to the eggcorn

Timestamp: 2010-02-25 11:44:33
Forum participant: StanCarey

[Begin excerpt]
Today I saw what might be a new example — at least, it’s new to me, it
seems like an eggcorn, and I don’t see it in the database. The UK
Telegraph, reporting on Dick Francis’s funeral, says that “He was
interned [sic] next to his wife on Grand Cayman.”

Maybe this is a straightforward typo, but Francis’s remains are
undoubtedly being detained, though not against his will. There is also
a sense in which the author’s body was made internal to the earth.

(The OED mentions an early-17C-only usage of intern to mean “become
incorporated or united with another being”.)
[End excerpt]

A website called grammarist discussed the distinction between
Interment and internment. Apparently the words have been

Article title: Interment vs. internment

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